Susana Bettencourt

Falling in love with traditional bobbin lace from her native town in the Azores Islands at the age of 5, Susana Bettencourt has taken her studies at Central Saint Martins and the London College of Fashion with its strong digital techniques and fused them with her love of handwork.

The brand’s ultimate goal is to explore the synergy of new technology and the digital with traditional craft, as well as the synergy with her two homes – London and the Azores. Looking to built a self sustainable business, Who’s Next is the perfect platform for a brand of this ilk as it showcases the best brands of the world and helps designers to spread their name and sell their collections to the best boutiques.

Susana Bettencourt started in February 2011 and showed its first collection at London Fashion Week’s Exhibition, followed by Tranoi in Paris and Portugal Fashion Week Show. In this short space of time and given the exposure in this different platforms the label has found favour with iconic stores such as Luisa Via Roma. The brand strategy in the next four seasons is to increase the presence of digital formating which is a key feature of the actual product and of the brand profile.

Given the handwork and the importance of seeing knitwear up close, a stand at Who’s Next would essentially allow buyers to view the product in an intimate setting, it would also enable the collection to take a significant leap forward in terms of its presence as a brand which is fundamental strategy for the brand in the next two years. In terms of product . the range offers bobbin lace dresses that are unique and take months to develop, as well as digital jacquards and prints that provide accessible and modern product. both ends of the spectrum can be showcased in an trade show setting where a captive audience of buyers an press who we aim to target will be present. We aim to increase our stockists in the next season and need to invest in a strong presentation to do this.